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Sportstech is a sports technology company founded by Matt Ginsberg and son Navarre Ginsberg. We specialize in using ArcAngel, a software system that can analyze the trajectory of a ball in flight. Using ultra-high definition (4K) video streams we can determine outcomes of professional sports plays in real time. We can analyze the trajectory of a basketball shortly after a shot is taken and determine well before it reaches the basket if a shot will be good or not. We can similarly tell where a football pass is going to land shortly after the quarterback releases the ball, whether an attempted passing shot in tennis will land in if a player at the net lets it go, whether a volleyball serve will be in or out, and whether a goalie needs to block a shot in soccer.



Knowledge of a ball’s trajectory can help improve officials consistency. We can tell a basketball referee when a ball has reached the top of its arc, improving their ability to make goaltending calls correctly. A football referee who knows early where a pass will land can do a better job of positioning himself to make calls regarding completions, pass interference, and so on. 


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The information we can provide can help improve player's overall performance. In practice, we can help players improve their “eye”. As an example, telling volleyball players during training if a serve will be in or out will help them learn to better judge that for themselves. In all sports, it is much easier to learn to judge balls if you are told while the ball is in flight what the outcome will be, as opposed to only being able to classify the ball (in or out, fair or foul, and so on) after its path is complete.


The video featured below provides an obvious way in which the technology could be used to make broadcasts more interesting. By adding animations to specific broadcasts we can provide a more entertaining and informative experience for the viewers at home. In addition, similar information could be provided to spectators at an event via a smartphone or other mechanism, allowing them to be involved like never before.


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